Jessica Corwin
Culinary Nutritionist

About Us

I'm a registered dietitian, culinary nutritionist, health journalist, workplace wellness and community educator, cooking instructor, and blogger for several wellness minded outlets. I offer food and nutrition insight and expertise from pregnancy through the Golden Years.  As one who is constantly learning, I am lucky to be able to share my knowledge s as an author and editor for several national publications including, Low Sugar Living and Go Gluten Free.

While it is fun to tout off my accomplishments, it is my personal experiences that have led me down the path of wellness and into the kitchen guilt-free. Making me uniquely qualified as your own authentic nutritionist.  Like many young girls in the 90's, I grew up with a dieting mindset, reading as many 'health' books as possible  with hopes of gleaning any new means to help drop a few pounds (I will never forget kicking off my school day with cabbage soup as my mom and I began yet another fad diet regimen. Ugh!). I was constantly striving to trim calories while running longer or pushing harder on the volleyball court. Thankfully in my pursuit of becoming a nurse, I happened upon a college nutrition course – one which transformed my mindset from weight loss to well being.

Once I realized there was a link between food, nutrition, and wellness, AND that I could share this connection with others as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I was in! I graduated magna cum laude with a major in dietetics from Western Michigan University  before moving on to Michigan State University to complete a diverse dietetic internship with practicum experiences in both traditional (hospital systems, long term care facilities, schools) and non-traditional sites (supermarkets and foodservice distributors).It was actually one of those very businesses which hired me for my first career role, one in which I spent five years serving as “The School Dietitian” for a foodservice distributor. It was in this role that I found my love for writing, spurring me to take on a part-time job in the evenings to fulfill this hobby.


To further unite my passion for food and journalism, I chose to attend grad school for my Master's in Public Health. A degree which brought me back to my roots in the world of nutrition, one based on nourishing our body and mind with whole foods fresh from Mother Nature's bounty. My goal? To help you EAT well with delicious family-focused recipes, GROW your taste buds and nutrition knowledge through interactive  education, and LIVE with joy as we experience new food adventures together. Whether in the kitchen, at the market, or in the garden, food should be a source of joy in your life and I fully intend to bring that positivity to your plate!


I may spend most of my time behind a cutting board or computer, but I do manage to slip away to carpe diem if you will. Where might I be found? Quite likely rocking out dance-party style with my toddlers or hiking the dunes with all three of her handsome fellows.